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2019-12-09 10:09 Aug 31, 2018 REVEALED! ! ! James Hewitt finally admitted he was Prince Harry's father SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE PLEASE, FOR UPDATING THANKS Thanks For Watching For more information new video on British Royal

Apr 10, 2013 A brilliantly funny documentary about Lady Diana's ex James Hewitt. james hewitt youtube James Lifford Hewitt is a British former cavalry officer in the British Army. He rose to public prominence in the mid1990s after he disclosed a romantic aff

Jul 29, 2017  Why James Hewitt is still haunted by Diana. I dont think James Hewitt ever recovered either from his affair with Diana or the opprobrium heaped on him for revealing it, writes Anna Pasternak. james hewitt youtube

DingDong! Fool Around Withinvites the well spoken man and lover of the royals, James Hewitt for some frolicking in the Fool Around Withapartment. Can james hewitt youtube

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