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2020-01-20 10:27 MP3's of the Internationale [back to Main lyrics page A much larger library of internationale mp3's is avaliable at this site. . Unfortunately I don't have the copywrite information for these songs, but it is to be hoped that in the spirit of proletarian internationalism the authors will not object to their distribution.

The Internationale (French: L'Internationale, The French words, written by Eugene Pottier, were originally supposed to be sung to the tune of La Marseillaise , but a separate tune was created for it by a Belgian named Pierre Degeyter. The Russian version, youtube la internationale french Mar 03, 2009 Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums& more.

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Mar 14, 2009 Mix L'Internationale (Complete with 6 stanzas, original lyrics in French) YouTube L'INTERNATIONALE Marc Ogeret sings in French with English and French lyrics onscreen Duration: 6: 52 Nov 25, 2017  The Internationale (French: L'Internationale) is a widelysung leftwing anthem. It has been a standard of the socialist movement since the late 19th century. (, previously a member of the Paris Commune) and were originally intended to be sung to the tune of La Marseillaise . Pierre De Geyter ( ) set the poem to The French Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia is produced by Institut franais. The executive production is managed by ARTER. With the support of CHANEL Fund for Women in the Arts and Culture. youtube la internationale french Alexa Polidoro, from is a real French teacher with many years' experience of teaching French to adults and children at all LInternationale, (French), English The International, Russian Internatsional, former official socialist and communist song. It was the anthem of the First, Second, and Third Internationals and, from 1918 to 1944, the national anthem of the Soviet Union. . About 1871 a Parisian transport worker, Eugne Pottier, wrote the words (as a poem), which begin, Debout, les damns de la terre Nov 24, 2016 The Internationale is a song that inspires hope among all those who are oppressed, subjugated, and in despair. So comrades, come rally, And the last fight let us face. The Internationale Unites Jul 17, 2017 Another French version of the Internationale. Originally composed by Pierre de Geyter in 1888, it has been the standard for most socialist and left wing movements with the Second Internationale

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