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2020-01-25 22:50 Mar 24, 2018 Apple USB SuperDrive is an external DVD Drive which can connect to MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display, iMac or Mac mini equipped with a builtin USB cable. To play DVD on MacBook Air through this approach, you need to purchase an Apple USB SuperDrive first. Then you just need to insert DVD into this USB SuperDrive.

Youtube doesnt play on a specific connection on Macbook Air. Ask Question 1. I am using a Macbook Air 13 (2013 model). i5 Intel Processor 4 GB RAM 128GB SSD. Now I cannot play any youtube video on my macbook. All the other video sites like Dailyotion and Viemo are working fine though. Using Firefox also didnt work. play youtube on macbook air Aug 07, 2011 I currently have the 2010 11 MacBook Air. I am highly considering the purchase of the 11 i7 MacBook Air, but need to know more about its performance with web videos. My 2010 Air cannot play them full screeneven on 360p quality. 1080 does about one frame per second. 720p MIGHT do two FPS. So, my question is this.

Feb 20, 2016  Testing All Popular Games On Macbook Air. Answer All Questions about Gaming On MBA. Will the game Run? Is it playable? I benchmark and test all play youtube on macbook air

Oct 07, 2013 I am unable to play Youtube videos on my Macbook Air. It all started after the recent software update. Previously, I had never faced any such Aug 07, 2018 Can you play Fortnite on a MacBook Air! Let's find out with Fortnite on a 2013 MacBook Air! ? Find all my Fortnite on Mac videos here! Dec 07, 2018 Before exploring how to download YouTube on MacBook Air, let's start with the new Retina MacBook Air. Since the first model in 2008, MacBook Air has been develpoed in a rapid manner, with a larger 13inch size, thinner design, sharper and clearer screen, better audio, etc. play youtube on macbook air Jul 28, 2011 Just got my 2011 Macbook Air with the new Lion OS. I already have iphone, ipad etc. . They all play youtube with an app. Macbook air has by default youtube on the safari page, but it want play youtube videos.

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