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2020-01-22 15:33 In 1968 Gerry Schum initiated Fernsehgalerie (TV Gallery) Gerry Schum. Albeit brief, Schums project introduced a new framework for viewing earthworks, performance, and conceptual art in the context of everyday life, a practice carried on today. Gerry Schum: TV Gallery at EAI, October 8, 6: 30 pm

Seltenes und wichtiges Dokument ber die Fernsehgalerie von Gerry Schum, die sich damals leider beim Sender SFB nicht durchsetzen konnte. Ein Ausstellungsvorhaben dieserArt wurde nach Gerry Schum nie wieder realisiert und ist fr die Geschichte der Land Art einzigartig. Seller Inventory# gerry schum youtube Gerry Schums television film Identifications was broadcasted on 30 November 1970. Twenty artists provided a recording of a short performance for inclusion in the film. The starting point for each performance was the artists own body.

More than twenty years after the exhibition entitled Gerry Schum at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam ( ), this show in Norwich is the first complete retrospective of one of the most important and complex artistic projects of the late 1960's and early 1970's. It is the only UK showing of this exhibition, initially presented at gerry schum youtube

Gerry Schum: 18 exhibitions from Mar 1980 Jan 2013, exhibition venues worldwide of artist Gerry Schum, Exhibition History, Summary of artistinfo. com records, SoloGroup Exhibitions, Visualization, Biography, ArtistPortfolio, Artwork Offers, Artwork Requests, Exhibition Announcements Gerry Schum (1938, Cologne 1973, Dsseldorf) was educated in television and film production at the Deutches Institut fr Film und Fernsehen (DIFF) in Munich, and at Fernsehakademie from. He began work as a cameraman and filmmaker for television broadcast stations in Berlin around 1966, The Graham Foundation and the GoetheInstitut Chicago are pleased to present a rare screening of films by German filmmaker and television art pioneer Gerry Schum. From 1968 to 1970, Gerry Schum broadcasted original artist films through German public television. gerry schum youtube Film maker and programmer Gerry Schum (Cologne, ) was a pioneer in the art and media landscape of the 1960s and 1970s. In collaboration with Ursula Wevers, Schum realised for German television Fernsehgalerie; a unique and unconventional exhibition project that offered artists the opportunity to create a new artwork specifically for the medium television. Gerry Schum Land Art The broadcast (transmitted by Sender Freies BerlinARD, 10. 40pm, 15 April 1969) begins with a studiorecorded opening that has something of the atmosphere of a vernissage. Oct 29, 2009 Dove posso trovare video d'artista (Ugo Nespolo, Gerry Schum, etc. )? Salve a tutti, sapete se in italia vi siano degli istituti videoteche mediateche in cui sia possibile reperire viedeo d'artista e video su artisti degli anni 60 70? Best Answer: un sito che li raccolga tutti non c' sono d'accordo con te sulla deriva presa da youtube Schum made Land Art as part of his FernsehGalerie Gerry Schum. The German television station Sender Freies Berlin broadcasted this film on 15 April 1969. Schum was looking for a way to show modern visual art to a wide audience. He achieved this by broadcasting his film and video productions on television, bypassing the traditional institutions.

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