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2019-12-11 23:33 Nov 07, 2007 An unexplained image appears in a drug users wedding photo. It looks like a demon and he is motivated to change. From Fox 31 Twin Cities. Category Entertainment; Show more Show less.

Dec 27, 2016  Hell hound seen in wedding photo A couple was married when they decided to take a picture when suddenly later upon looking over the photo there is seen a mysterious dog demon dog in wedding photo youtube Feb 14, 2018 These real demon photos will give you chills. SUBSCRIBE: WATCH MORE HAM:

Feb 19, 2014 Guy Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The Footage Duration: 5: 46. ZooLand 1, 102, 880 views demon dog in wedding photo youtube

Nov 06, 2007 Home News& Entertainment Demon Dog Appears in Wedding Photograph. New Topic Demon Dog Appears in Wedding Photograph. I'm not sure if any of us can really say with certainty whether or not it is a demon, or if demons would show up in a photo, etc. demon dogs, hounds from hell, etc and so on i've drawn a few of them for Dec 07, 2012 SUBSCRIBE and check my channel for my videos like this. A demonic dog appears in a wedding photograph, with no rational explanation. Wedding Picture Appears Paranormal. An Aurora couple has a photo that appears to have a demon in it. FOX 31 News: AURORA It's a picture you have to really look at. And when you do, you'll notice something is just not normal. demon dog in wedding photo youtube Aug 25, 2013 I found this picture, and searched demon dog in wedding photo in Google. I came across another yahoo answers question, with a My Fox Twin Cities news report link. I clicked the link, and it said the link was rather moved, changed, or deleted. I'm guessing deleted. I watch Fox9 News almost every morning and I never saw this Feb 11, 2010 Sure why not, just the spirit of a dog or doglike being, doesn't have to be a demon just because it's got weird eyes and is sticking its tongue out. . Then again, he was doing a LOT of coke at the time of the Wedding apparently, so ya never know, since that stuff IS evil. . Nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the occasion and there were others who have had their pictures taken as well. It was only after the photograph was developed when Martinez noticed the figure lurking over his left shoulder. It seemed like doglike creature was standing behind him. Joe said, It was a demon.

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