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2020-01-27 23:07 Nov 19, 2014  Steve Harvey's Analysis: Porkcupine is not a damn word. Pork is not a part of cupine. Now the part you don't see issee they edit this down for TVI'm in the floor for 15 minutes.

May 03, 2018 Steve Harvey Can't Believe Contestant's Ridiculous Pork Answer. YouTube. Because the stream of ridiculous answers never seems to end, fans of the show are constantly being entertained by the lovable host Steve Harvey. Hear what the contestant had to say back when Steve asked for a phrase that starts with the word pork. This is just steve harvey youtube pork I havent watched Family Feud in years, but I might need to watch because I forgot the foolery that happens on that show. This clip was brought to my attention a couple of months ago. Steve Harvey asks the question Name something that follows the word pork' and foolishness ensues. . First of all, LMAO at the woman screaming Pork LAWN and having to spell the Loin part.

Sep 07, 2016  Steve is catching up with his favorite Family Feud guests from the infamous PorkWhat? ! video: Subscribe now to the STEVE HA steve harvey youtube pork

It's BONUS WEEK on# FamilyFeud sponsored by Publishers Clearing House! Today the Sass family faces off against the Browns. If you need a reminder on why Will is# SteveHarvey 's alltime favorite contestant, take a look at this! steve harvey youtube pork

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