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2020-01-18 04:33 Oct 15, 2013 Point Guard Responsibilities Tips, Drills, and More! as he takes you on an inside look at the responsibilities and rules he puts in place for his point guards to create a structured and up

Jan 06, 2010 The point guard in basketball is responsible for organizing the other players on the court, calling plays to the team and receiving plays from the coach. Understand the responsibilities and tasks point guard drills youtube Aug 26, 2011 In today's Play of the Day we use FastDraw, the trusted diagramming tool of every NBA team, to detail two Point Guard drills Coach Calipari calls Playing Through Bumps, and the Ginobili Drill .

Aug 14, 2016 Today's series of point guard drills will help you dribble a basketball better, shoot a basketball better, and become a better point guard. It's important to do reps on both sides of the court so point guard drills youtube

Nov 17, 2017  Point Guard Drills: Speeding Up Your Mind with Coach Damin Altizer Here's a quick drill from Coach Damin that helps you naturally speed up your point guard drills youtube

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