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2020-01-27 22:15 Oct 10, 2017  From the hilarious Fash Ngobese, to the unrelenting Sibu Mpanza, the quirky Pap Culture, and the humorous Mark Futzgibbon, among others, we bring you 10 South African vloggers

Aug 17, 2017 Welcome to the Link Up Clique, get to know a little bit about us in this video. Hope you enjoy our videos and don't forget to subscribe. south african youtube vloggers Jul 21, 2015 10 South African Vloggers you should be following! July 21, 2015 admin Leave a Comment Every woman loves a good YouTube channel with beauty tips that let you reinvent your look every once in a while.

Jun 16, 2017  5 SA YouTubers Who Turned Their Popularity Into Profit. While the phenomenon is still relatively new in South Africa, the YouTube influencer market in the US and Europe is more established and lucrative. Some of the worlds biggest YouTube influencers like Swedish comedian and videoproducer PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) south african youtube vloggers

Aug 03, 2016 South Africas Top 10 South African YouTubers 2016 and 2017 Here are my Top 10 South African YouTubers and YouTube channels to watch in 2016. All the YouTuber One of South Africas most prominent YouTube comedy acts, Derick Watts& The Sunday Blues focus on pranks, pop culture, potty humour, South African life and everything in between. SwazilandSouth Africa (Vlog) Gabby is a Swati expat studying for a PhD in South Africa. south african youtube vloggers Jan 09, 2017  South Africas Top 10 YouTubers [videos Many South African YouTubers or vloggers have achieved international acclaim for their posts, attracting hundreds of thousands of subscribers. 1. Troye Sivan and Blessing Troye Sivan, based in Perth, is visited by his best friend Blessing from Johannesburg every now and again.

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